About PLC Awards


The PLC Awards has been held at The Grosvenor House for
each of the past 33 years and is aimed at all quoted companies
listed on the Main Market. The success of the awards has led to
it being broadened to include FTSE 100 companies
as well as the FTSE 250, FTSE Small Cap and Fledgling indices.
Our aim is to truly make it ‘the’ City event of the year and to allow
all Main Market publicly quoted companies, of whatever size,
the chance to be rewarded and recognised for their successes
and achievements. 

The event is attended by CEOs, CFOs, investment bankers, fund managers, analysts and corporate
advisors. Extending the list of eligible companies once again this year will open the event to a wider audience
and bring a whole host of new members to the PLC ‘club’.

Sponsors include PwC and numerous City broking and banking houses. 

For more information, please email Jo Thomas or call on +44 (0)7866 567713.