the awards

The qualifying period for all awards is 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019.

best investor communication award

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Rothschild & Co

Success in communicating effectively with professional and private investors, current and potential shareholders and all stakeholders, is the main criterion behind this award. The winner of this award will recognise that communication works best when it is two-way. The winner will use a variety of communication tools to its maximum advantage including the annual report; the investor relations website; attendance at specialised investor forums, roadshows and conferences; analyst and shareholder site visits; Capital Markets Days, etc.

The voting panel will also look for innovation and engagement on the company’s IR website, which should be intuitive to use, and contain all relevant information in one place. The winning company will also make good use of video to help communicate the investment case, and have implemented a clear social media strategy.

fund manager of the year award

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The award recognises fund managers whose stock picking ability is unparalleled in the period under review, and who also have a demonstrable track record over a longer period. They will have proven their ability to identify new disruptors and also to spot the ‘next big thing’. They will be known for their exceptional analytical skills and understanding of the macro landscape, as well as being capable of taking risks, with proven results. The voting panel will use market-standard performance measures in their decision making process.


innovation in technology award

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Zeus Capital

The winner of this award does not have to be a pure tech company, but it will be capable of solving a big problem, changing the status quo and providing new opportunities through an “innovative” product or solution. Its technology will have demonstrated a number of credible claims, including its potential to disrupt the market, its radical innovation and ease of use. The winner’s technology will have also contributed to the company’s success by enhancing its competitive advantage and market reach.

transformation of the year award

This award recognises companies that have transformed themselves during the period under review in a way likely to save or substantially improve the business and offer the prospect of long-term value, while considering the impact on its various stakeholders. The transformation could have been achieved in any number of ways, such as restructuring or business reorganisation, integration following a merger or acquisition, innovative financing/refinancing, or the launch of a major new product line or business division.

The voting panel will be looking for companies whose prospects have been transformed, with the accent on revenue visibility, increased profitability, improved governance, stakeholder accountability and sustainable financial results.

CEO of the year award

The winner of this award will have a clear vision for the company and will have demonstrated strong and successful leadership of the business. He or she will have regard to the needs of customers, employees, investors, the law, and communities. The winner will have helped shape the strategy and ensure that, through the senior management team, it has been successfully enacted and is “owned” throughout the company from top to bottom.

Due consideration will also be taken of succession planning which the CEO has put in place for key roles within the business, including his or her own, always with the long-term sustainable financial and societal success at its core.

new company of the year award

In short, a future company of the year, but one that has too short a track record as a public company to be considered for that award. The winner will have gone public in 2019, yet will already have demonstrated to the wider investment community that it possesses exceptional growth and management qualities and that it is a formidable growth company in the making, with the accent on long-term sustainable growth and development and fully aware of its societal responsibilities.

company of the year award

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The winner of this award will be a company that has clearly demonstrated that success is not just a short-term phenomenon. The winning company will undoubtedly be successful in share price terms, but with full realisation that share price is but one method of measurement. Improved, sustainable profitability is a given. The winner will be a professionally managed, conservatively run growth business with a long-term vision and strategy in place together with leadership in terms of environmental, social and governance guidelines.

The winner will be cognisant of its stakeholders and supply chain, and will have championed diversity and inclusion throughout the workplace. The company’s development to date will have been soundly financed in a way which supports the longevity, sustainability and resilience of the business, including effective succession planning.